XII International Competition for performers of contemporary spiritual and polyphonic music
"Polyphonica" 2021

Place and time:
St. Petersburg, 24 – 26  April, 2021 (competition)

The founders and organizers of the contest and modern spiritual and polyphonic music
«GLORIA» Saint-Petersburg 2021 and POLYPHONICA 2021:
Committee for Culture of Leningrad region;

St-Petersburg Musical Pedagogical College

St.Petersburg Branch of "EPTA-RUSSIA"( European Piano Teachers Association) (organizer of the festival and competition)
St. Petersburg Centre of Spiritual Culture (organizer of the festival and competition)

Spirituality and creativity. Eternity and present time “is the credo of our festival.

The main goals of the festival of contemporary sacred music «GLORIA» and resembling in the festival competition of polyphonic sacred music and contemporary "Polyphonica" St. Petersburg 2021:

 draw attention to the artistic value of music and spiritual works that belong to different areas of Christianity, different eras and styles, their spiritual and moral values;
- Identification and support of talented performers and groups to promote the development of spiritual culture of tolerance in modern society;

exchange of creative experience with teams, managers, educators, representatives of various Christian denominations, and maintaining regular contacts between the creative, professional development management teams and educators;
increasing interest in contemporary church music, polyphonic works of composers of the XX-XXI centuries

Concerts will be held in the Main Hall of the Swedish church of St.Catherine, the Concert Hall of the St. Petersburg music-pedagogical  college № 3, St.Petersburg State University of Culture and the Arts and other Churches and civil halls  of St. Petersburg.

Nomination of the festival and competition:
choral, ensemble and solo art with following age groups:
Up to 16 years, 17-20 years, 21-26 years, the teachers - without age limit.

Organizers of the festival-contest have the right to combine age groups and the category, as well as add new ones, depending on the applications for participation in the festival-contest.

Repertoire: Each group or performer has to perform a program consisting of works of different styles of polyphonic and (or) spiritual music depending on the characteristics of their  repertoire. However, depending on the characteristics of each artist or group is allowed execution of works belonging to the same composer or one style.

The repertoire of all nominations made themselves welcome performance of transcriptions of music and church music, as well as works by contemporary composers, dedicated to spiritual topics.

At the festival «Gloria» and transmitted to him under competition "Polyphonica" Saint Petersburg 202-  allowed the performance is not only contemporary spiritual or polyphonic compositions, but also modern secular works, close spiritual topics.

The total duration of the executable program (regardless of the number of products) should not exceed 10-15 minutes

First age group - no more than 5-7 minutes
Second age group - no more than 7-10 minutes
Third age group - no more than 10-12 minutes
Forth age group - no more than 12-15 minutes


Requirements to performing programs for the 1st round:

Choral, orchestral, ensemble and solo (vocal and instrumental) performing arts

Repertoire of choirs, orchestras, vocal, instrumental, vocal and instrumental ensembles, academic focus to include works of sacred music (XVI-XVII till XXI centuries ) and, above all, the works of contemporary  polyphonic music and can make a similar program to solo instruments (piano or others) or solo singing of no more than 12-15 minutes in accordance with the requirements in their age group.


Some examples of program requirements for nominations
instrumental performing arts:
Piano solo:
- Polyphonic composition by J.S. Bach or another Baroque composer
- One piece by a composer polyphonic XIX or XX-XXI century:

The first age group (up to 11 years).
 - A two-part invention by JS Bach, or 2 - little preludes or 2 pieces from Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach,
 - One piece by a composer or XIX of the twentieth century (for example, Tchaikovsky.  Child album ("Morning Prayer", "The Church" or more); Schumann. Album for the Youth ("Choral"), and others).

The second age group 12-16 years
- A two-part or three-part invention or Bach Prelude or Prelude and Fugue in the original presentation or in transcription) or polyphonic piece by a composer of the Baroque.
 - work of a composer of the nineteenth or twentieth century (polyphonic or preferably associated with a spiritual theme.

The third age group 16-20 years

- Prelude and Fugue (WTK or any of the transcription) or one or two chorale preludes (original or transcription) or 2 Inventions (three-part).
- work of a composer or XIX of the twentieth century (polyphonic or more, preferably associated with spiritual themes, such as Liszt. Years of Pilgrimage («Angelus», «Sursum corda»).

The fourth age group 21-25 years
-  Bach Prelude and Fugue (WTC or any of the transcription) or two chorale preludes (original or transcription) or two fugues.
- work of a composer of XIX century (preferably associated with spiritual themes, such as Liszt. Years of Pilgrimage. «Angelus», "Sursum corda" or else connected with spiritual subjects) or work of a composer of the twentieth century (preferably a polyphonic or associated with spiritual themes, such as O. Messiaen piece or another author).

String, wind and folk instruments
 (Approximate requirements):
 - One polyphonic piece by a composer of the Baroque (or any work connected with spiritual subjects).
- polyphonic piece by a composer or XIX of the twentieth century (or any work connected with spiritual subjects).

On the nomination of vocal performing arts
Vocal (academic)

- Ancient aria (the composer of the Baroque - preferably of the Mass, the church cantata or oratorio), or any artist's choice.
 work of a composer XIX - XXI century (preferably of the Mass, the church cantata or oratorio, or chamber-vocal piece), or any artist's choice.
- The repertoire of instrumental, vocal, vocal and instrumental ensembles, choirs, orchestras, academic direction is similar to programs for solo piano or solo singing of no more than 10 minutes.

Programs for other nominations are made subject to general requirements and specific musical competition repertoire of the nominations.
    Each group or artist - participant of the festival-competition may also provide other program statements in accordance with the general requirements of the repertoire in its category and age group.

Questions on repertoire, please send to:

Jury: musicians and of musical culture of St. Petersburg and abroad, representatives of the religious confessions.

Determination of Winners: Results of competitive auditions are announced at the end of the Chairman of the Jury contest of the day the nominations in each age category. The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision.

Evaluated: meaning, artistry and technique, the level of skill, artistic taste and culture.

Awards: The winners awarded the title of Laureate Diploma or an international competition of contemporary spiritual and polyphonic music, "Polyphonica" St. Petersburg 2019. Other contestants and participants of the festival awarded the title of Winner of the international festival of contemporary sacred music «GLORIA» Saint-Petersburg in 2020  under the relevant categories and awarded diplomas of the festival.

Teachers and heads of performers and groups - winners of the competition also awarded by diplomas.

Grand Prix of the contest can be awarded to by SECOND ROUND, among FIRST-PRIZE WINNERS from other nominations.
The winners in the categories may be awarded gifts or souvenirs.

Grand Prix winner of the contest may be awarded a cash prize or a valuable gift.

The prize fund is 125 000 rubles.
Part of the prize fund can be transferred to the next festival and competition, or directed to charitable purposes.


The sizeand order of admission fee paymentwill be publishedlater.Please, follow the information



 ADVANCES FROM entry fee will be credited to the charity/ Please contact the steering commettee. Entry fee you may see in russian version

- Send the application on the team or soloist by E-mail: info@sp-culture.com  
- To pay the registration fee .
Participation in the contest sent to participants by email. 

The application form is available by www.sp-culture.com  can also be written in free form. It states:
Name and surname of the participant, the age of each participant's name teacher or the head of the team, school, city and country that is party to, a program running time, the name of the category.
A separate file is sent a photocopy of the passport 1-2 pages bidder (or birth certificate)

The deadline for applications is  April 10, 2021.
If a performer or group wants to put information about yourself in the booklet of the festival, such information (including photographs) should be sent to the Organizing Committee before April 10, 2021.

for transaction of entrance fee please contact steering commettee info@sp-culture.com or please see russian version

Artistic Director of Festival and Competition
doctor of pedagogical sciences, laureate of international competitions, professor of piano, St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts
Director of the St. Petersburg Center for the development of spiritual culture
Dr.Prof. Dmitri V. Schirin  +7 911 211 54 34      
e-mail: info@sp-culture.com

Information about the contest "Polyphonica" 2021 and the festival «GLORIA» Saint-Petersburg in 2021 is available

at www.sp-culture.com  in russian version
Questions about the program and participation  in the contest, please e-mail:

We can also reply by phone  +7 911 211 5434 or +7 931 304 3417


  We can answer also by phone (in English, auf Deutsch)   

+7 911 211 5434; +7 931 304 34 17 

The festival organising committee renders for an additional payment of service in the organization of residing, a food, the organisation of transfers and excursion programs.

For participation in festival it is necessary till Aprilr, 10  th, 2021:

to send the demand about the soloist or collective on an e-mail: info@sp-culture.com;

If participants need of hotel booking, it is necessary to inform the competition Organizing committee. Visas supporting is also available.



If you will have some questions please write an e-mail to steering commettee. info@sp-culture.com


PLEASE SEE  INFORMATION and contact STEERING COMMITTEE (info@sp-culture.com).