VII  international  Festival and Competition for Young Pianists and Piano Teachers  "Bartolomeo Cristofori" 2020


Location: St. Petersburg (competition, festival)

Cities of Leningrad region (festival concerts)

Date: 22 - 24 May  2021  competition.

Dead line for applications 10th May 2021.


Competition organizer: St. Petersburg center of spiritual culture

Co-organizers  of the festival and contest:

The Committee of  Culture of the Leningrad region.

The Union of Concert Performers  of St. Petersburg.

Under supporting: The Committee of Culture of St.Petersburg.   

Piano is one of the most popular  instruments  in the contemporary cultural life and in musical  teaching. Yet the inventor Italian master piano by Bartolomeo Cristofori is now almost unknown, not only for numerous music lovers, and even for  teachers. Our goal is to revive in modern public musical life the name of Cristofori. To him we owe the prosperity of European and domestic piano culture, creation of domestic piano school, which has produced a number of great musicians such as S.Richter, E.Gilels, G.Sokolov.

Also, the first music instruments  created  by B.Christofori appeared in Russia was in St. Petersburg and then in the palaces and estates, which now are in the Leningrad region.

One of the goals  of our festival-contest  is to demonstrate the richness of the musical literature created specifically for this instrument and to give young musicians and piano teachers show show their opportunities as performers.

The revival of these traditions will give a new impetus to the development of musical culture of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

Development of local traditions, making the best of European and world trends of schools playing wind instruments, the development of creative contacts, education of young artists who make up the color of the St. Petersburg and the Russian piano performing school - one of the main objectives of our festival and competition.


Objectives of the festival-contest:

development of a culture of playing the piano;

identify and support talented musicians and teachers to promote the development of modern culture;

exchange of experience between creative artists, educators, creative maintaining continuous contact between them;

professional development of teachers and performers;

seminars, concerts, workshops and creative meetings in different areas of playing the piano;

attracting the attention of the government, public and commercial organizations to the problems of formation of youth culture in modern society.


The festival-competition involved artists under the age of 25 years (the age group up to 11 years, 12 -15 years, 16-18 years, 19-22, 23 - 24, and the "teachers" at the age of 26 years and above without  age limit.

Rounds are the nominations:

Piano - piano solos and ensembles (one or two pianos)

 Auditions are held in two rounds.

The first concert tour of the competition program

 Second round - concert performance of a work by the participant's choice.

In the second round involves only first-degree  winners in all age groups and of the Competition, wishing to take part in the competition for "Grand Prix" of Bartolomeo Christofory  competition.

In the final concert of the winners attended grade 1 contest and bands marked the jury to participate in the final concert.

 The festival workshops jury.

Participants of Master- classes get  certificates.

 Jury members are artists giving concerts, soloists, ensemble in Russia and abroad. List of the members of the jury were not disclosed prior to publication in the booklet of the festival.

 Determination of Winners: Results of competitive auditions are announced by the President (chairman) of the jury at the end of the day to bid on the nominations for each category. The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision.

 Evaluated: meaning, artistry and technique, the level of skill, artistic taste and culture.

 Awards: The winners are awarded the title of Laureate and Winner of the international competition "Bartolomeo Cristofori" St. Petersburg 2018.

Other participants and participants are awarded the title Winner of the International Festival and awarded diplomas of the festival.

 The winners in the categories get  gifts or souvenirs.

The prize fund  is 125 000 rubles.

Part of the prize fund may be given to other festivals and contests  organized and held by St. Petersburg center of spiritual culture.


The duration of the executable program:

to 11 years - no more than 10 minutes, 12 - 15 years old - no more than 15 minutes, 16 - 18, 19 - 24 + years to 20 minutes.

If the duration of the program more in the demand, the jury has the right to stop the execution of the competition.

Requirements for  age categoties:

The repertoire is not allowed to include works written for the Klavier (harpsichord, clavichord, cembalo, spinet and such  keyboard instruments) and organ.

In all age groups welcome performance of works of early classics, created for piano. Other compositions have  to be composed for piano (XIX, XX, XXI century).

Age group up to 11 years free program is desirable to include one piece owned or early classical style romance (rondo, variations, part of a sonata or sonatina, free form piece), the other  for  the performer's choice.

Age group 12-15 years, 16 - 18 years. Be sure to include in the program one piece owned or early classical style romance (rondo, variations, part of a sonata or sonatina, free form piece), the other (s) for the performer's choice.

Age group 19 - 24 years, teachers. Necessarily included in the program A big form, created by composers of the Viennese classical school (rondo, variations, part of a sonata or sonatina, free form piece) and  works of other styles  as well.


Financial conditions:

The expenses related to the stay of participants, teachers, accompanists and accompanying persons (all transportation services, accommodation, per diem expenses), and the registration fee produce recommending organization, participants, sponsors, foundations, societies, etc.

Part of the organizational contributions necessarily transferred to the charity.

 Participation (passive, as a participant) in conducting master classes free for the festival-contest, participants teachers, their colleagues.


The size and order of admission fee payment will be published later. Please, follow the information or please see russian version and please contact the steering committee.


The application form is available on the website (in russian version) . The application can be written in free form. It shall specify: Name of participant, age of each participant, name of the teacher or the head of the team,  the school,  the city,  the country, duration of the program , the name of the category.

Please send photos in a separate file for the booklet and photocopy of the passport page 1-2 Bidder (or birth certificate).

Submitted files are called by the name of the artist, written in Latin letters.

 The deadline for applications for Festival "Bartolomeo Cristofori" is 10 th of May 2021.

Information on the modalities of festival-competition, timing and repertoire can be slightly adjusted. Please watch for information.


Doctor of Education, winner of international competitions,

Professor of Piano, St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts,

Director of the St. Petersburg center of spiritual culture

Dmitry V.  Schirin  +7 911 211 54 34 or  +7 931 304 34 17



Questions about the program and participation at the contest or festival  please e-mail to: