The Seventh  International Competition of Performers of Spiritual Music "Re-Iigo" ("Re-league") St.-Petersburg 2021


Russia, St. Petersburg 4th - 6th December, 2021 


The organizer of competition:

St.Petersburg center of spiritual culture



Committee for Culture of Leningrad region

Department for Culture, Sports, Tourism and the Youth Policy of Samara

Committee for Culture of St.-Petersburg


Our idea is to create a new forum for transnational communication of the an of spiritual music and sacred сulture and its various schools and traditions without dependence from any confessional difference.


Festival and competition carrying out is dated for Day of the Tolerance, offered by General Assembly of the United Nations in 1996 and marked annually on November, 20th.


Nominations of musical competition

• Choral and orchestral performing art

• The instrumental performing art (on different specialties: solo-instrumentalists and ensembles of academic and other traditions)

• The Vocal performing art (solo- vocalists and vocal ensembles of academic and other performing traditions

• Vocal-instrumental ensembles of academic and other performing traditions)


The competition organizing committee reserves the right to itself to unite nominations or to divide them depending on quantity of performers, wishing to take pari in nominations


Age groups:

 Till 11 years, 11-16 years; 17-20,21-25 years; 26+ years; the Mixed group, In case of absence of any age groups, the organizing committee has the right to unite age groups.

Requirements to repertoire



Instrumental performing art: Piano solo:

The first group (till 11 years).

- One 2-voice Invention by J.S.Bach or 2 small preludes or 2 pieces from The Notebook of Anna Magdalcna Bach;

- One piece by the composer of the XIX-XX-th centuries (for example, P.I.TChajkovsky. A children's album («the Morning prayer», «In a Church» or another): R.Schumann. An album for youth ("Choral", etc.) or any another for performer's choice.

Time limit - no more than 5-7 minutes


The second age group of 12-16 years

- One 2-voices or 3-voices Invention by J.S.Bach or a choral prelude or a prelude and a fugue in an original statement or in a transcription) or polyphonic piece of the composer of an epoch of baroque (not dancing).

-Piece by the composer of the XIX-th ox XX-th centuries (polyphonic or connected with spiritual theme or smth. else for performer's choice).

Time limit - no more than 7-1U minutes.


The third age group of 16-20 years

J.S.Bach. A prelude and a fugue (any of WTK or a transcription) or one-two choral preludes (original or transcriptions I or 2- 3 -voices Inventions.

- composition by the composer of the XlX-th or XX-th centuries (polyphonic or another on spiritual theme, for example: F.Liszt. Years of wanderings («Angelus», «Sursum corda» or smth. else for performers choice).

Time limit - no more than 10-12 minutes.


The fourth and fifth age categories 21-25 and 26-32 years

-J.S.Bach the Prelude and a fugue (any of WTK or a transcription) or two choral preludes (original or transcriptions) or 2 fugues.

- composition by the composer of the XiX-ih century (for example: F.Liszt. Years of wanderings. «Angelus», "Sursum corda" or another) or a composition by the composer of the XX-th century (tor example by O.Messian).

Time limit- no more than 15 minutes.


Vocal performing art Solo singing (academic)

Age group of 17-20 years

-The Baroque aria (the composer of an epoch of baroque - it is desirable from amass, a church cantata or an oratorio) or any for choice of the performer.

- composition by the composer of the XIX-th century (it is desirable from a mass, a church cantata or an oratorio or chamber-vocal piece) or any for performers choice.

Time limit - more than 8-10 minutes.


Age group of 21-25 years, 26+.

- The Baroque aria (the composer of an epoch of baroque - from a mass, a church cantata or an oratorio)

- Composition by the composer of the XlX-th century (it is desirable from a mass, a church cantata or an oratorio or chamber vocal piece) or any for performer's choice or a com position by flue composer of the XX-th century (it is desirable connected with spiritual subjects) or any for choice of the performer.

Time limit - no more than 10-12 minutes.


Repertoire for other solo-instruments, vocal-solo, vokal-instrumental ensembles of

the academic trends arc composed like programs for piano solo or vocal solo.

Programs for other nominations are composed according with the general requirements of musical competition and specificity of repertoire of corresponding nominations.

In repertoire of all nominations compositions by the modern composers devoted to spiritual themes, compositions and transpositions of the performers arc welcomed.

Each collective or the performer - the participant of competition can perform another programm representing different styles and directions of spiritual music nor more then 10-12 minutes according to requirements to repertoire in the age group.



Questions on repertoire:

The Art Director of the Competition:

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of Piano Dmitry V. Schirin:


or by Mobile Phone: +7 911 211 5434 ; +7 931 304 34 17

Competition jury: known musicians and figures of musical culture of Si -Petersburg, Russia and other countries.

Definition of winners: Results of competitions appears ct the end ofthe day. The jury decision is definitive and cannot be revisioned.

Are estimated: intelligence, artistry and techniques of performers: skill level; level of art taste and culture; originality.


To winners of competition the rank of the Winner (Laureate) or the Diploma-Winners of the International competition of executors of a sacred music of "Re-Iigo" St.Petersburg 2016  is appropriated. To other participants of competition and festival the rank of the Diploma-Winner of the International Interconfessional Festival Traditions of Spiritual Culture "Re-ligo" St.Petersburg 2016 on nominations is appropriated and corresponding Diplomas stand out.

Organizational payment tor participation in competition please see at



For participation in competition dead line is November, 20 th, 2021:

To send the demand about the soloist or collective by e-mail: or

Financial conditions: (please see at russian version or ask steering commettee)


In the application form for participation ill competition it is underlined:

Surname and name of the participant, age of each participant.


First name, middle initial, last name the teacher or the head of the collective, an educational institution or a city. country, of the participant; programme, timing, and the nomination.

The demand is sent till Nov, 20 th 2021

Originals of demands surrender at registration and entrance lee payment.


The Art Director of Festival and Competition

Doctor of pedagogical sciences,

Winner of the International competitions,

Professor of Piano of St.Petersburg State University for Culture

Dmitry V. Schirin +7911 211 54 34

e-mail: ;;


The Festival Organising Committee (Steering Commetee) renders for an additional payment of service in the organization of residing, a food, the organisation of transfers and excursion programs.;


* If participants need of hotel booking, it is necessary to inform the

Competition organizing committee (Steering Committee) .

Visas supporting is also available.

To pay an organizational payment at registration (cash) or to bank account (in RUR).


Art Director of Festival and Competition "Re-ligo" (“Re-league”) St.-Petersburg 2021

Prof. Dr. Dmitriy V. Schirin


Organization Committee of Festival and Competition



+7 931 304 3417 (English, German),

+7 911 211 5435       (Russian)